Baby Milestone Cards


Celebrate the joy a new baby brings with our original design and modern milestone signs!

How to order your milestone cards

  1. In the personalization box, please specify the desired color for:
  • Ballon (ex: 14 black)
  • Numbers (ex: 10 silver)
  • Month / Months (ex: 14 black)

2. Add to cart!

With your order you’ll receive:

  • numbers from 0-9 with the number 1 made twice.
  • Knitted wire balloon shape
  • word month and months
  • **NOTE: Name is not included.**

Size approximately

  • Balloon- 20″ (top to bottom)
  • Number: approx. 4.5″ tall
  • Month – 15.5″ wide
  • Months – 18.5″ wide


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